About me

photo Olena Korolyuk
I live in a picturesque town called Poltava in central Ukraine. I’m a qualified architect. After graduation, I practiced architecture for 10 years. I’m a member of the Ukrainian Architects Union and I made my first attempts in silk painting while working professionally as an architect. My work as an architect didn’t bring me enough art freedom and creativity, which my soul required, so silk painting became my main work. I have been practicing silk painting for about 15 years. Of course, first steps weren’t easy, but soon I managed to become a professional silk painting artist – I take part in exhibitions, make ordered silk paintings. In 2011 took place my first personal exhibition “The Tango of my City” , in 2013 – “The Lace of my Dream”, in 2016 – “Autumn Elegy”, in 2017 – “Winter on Silk”.
I use many different techniques in my art works – batik, serti, wet-on-wet and many watercolor effects. My specialty is very evident in my subject matter and the rest is all up to my innate Ukrainian romanticism!